Ancient traditions come alive at Hua Quan Village. Awaken your spirituality or even your curiosity in a place rooted in culture that commemorates Chinese culture and practices, pays tribute to the local history as the birthplace of Taoism, and allows you to explore the village and mountainside.


Explore ancient Chinese culture

Chinese Cultural Museum

This interactive museum highlights a selection of key discoveries that have shaped China's 5,000 year old culture. An emphasis on self-cultivation has been an underlying theme throughout China's great literary, philosophical, religious, and societal traditions. The museum places an emphasis on how Chinese culture can complement and enhance our modern civilization by bringing back the ancient wisdom of the sages.

Y. C. Wang Memorial Museum

This memorial museum honors legendary entrepreneur and philanthropist Mr. Y. C. Wang. With humble beginnings as a rice delivery worker, Mr. Wang founded one of the largest plastic empires in China. Despite a life full of challenges, Mr. Wang's ingenuity and perseverance earned him the title of "God of Management."

He often said “In this world, there is nothing that comes easily, but at the same time, there is nothing that is unattainable.” It was by this philosophy that he lived his life and exemplified his strength and wisdom.

Liu Jia Chang Records Museum

The records museum celebrates the musical creations of Hua Quan Village founder, Liu Jia Chang. Having written over 2,000 songs throughout his lifetime, Mr. Liu is often referred to as the "Godfather of Music" in Asia.

As the only recipient of 3 lifetime achievement awards in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, Mr. Liu has produced records for some of the most famous pop stars of his time. This museum displays his earlier vinyl records as well as his modern day hits.