Hua Quan Village celebrates Chinese and international art and nurtures cultural exchange. The art village is committed to welcoming students of all levels and backgrounds to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and learn from our amazing team of artists and teachers who strive to share their passions with the world.


Wellness & Culture Park

The unique conditions of Hua Quan Village’s surroundings provide an environment of high quality air and lush plant life, which is perfect for those who love nature and the outdoors. Under the guidance of our experts, focus on select activities focused on your specific health needs. Rejuvenate your body and mind by exploring the village’s outdoor activities, visiting the different art exhibits, taking various classes, and eating natural foods.

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Art and Cultural Education Center

There are over 21 classrooms in Hua Quan Village's art and cultural center. Visitors can explore their passions and interests through a full range of classes taught by the premier artists and professors that currently reside in the village. A diverse experiential program, the classes are designed to incorporate theoretical knowledge with practical and applicable hands on approaches. The instructors teach students of all levels and can customize any course to the level and interests of the students as well as the class duration.

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