Live Interview Via Zoom ( Facilitating English Through Drama ) With the Director of Education of EDUNION-UK Mr. Sean Hughes

Live Interview: Facilitating English Through Drama

Innovating and defining new strategies and pedagogical approaches are key to ensure that students (future leaders) acquire the required knowledge and skills to overcome the 21st-century challenges and to become lifelong learners. Drama is a leading pedagogical avenue that facilitators (teachers) can rely on to establish a 21st-century student-centered and differentiated learning/facilitating habitat, especially for language and arts-based subjects.




                                                                                             Facilitating English Through Drama

(Live Discussion)

During this interactive live discussion, the internationally acclaimed educator and Director of Education, EDUNION UK, Mr. Sean Hughes will elaborate, unveil, and interpret the latest innovative teaching/facilitating approaches and strategies to facilitate English to students through drama. Drama is a key pedagogical pillars of Art and Education.

Mr. Sean will emphasize mainly the importance of drama in:
  • Creating a student-centered differentiated facilitating/learning environment
  • Nurturing the 21stcentury learner profile traits in students
  • Facilitating and not teaching with classrooms without borders
  • Implementing STEAM education
  • Establishing real-life based education
  • Reaching the one subject called knowledge crucial benchmark
  • Simplifying the differentiation process

                                                                                                                               Guest Speaker


                                                                                                            Sean Hughes
Director of Education,
Edunion UK
Sean leads the development of the “English Play, Play English” curriculum which aims to facilitate English language learning through the medium of Drama. He holds a BA Hons in Business Management and Chinese language from the University of Central Lancashire in addition to a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Sean has worked within the Chinese education industry since 2012 and has experienced various roles within the field. He started as an ESL teacher and eventually became an IB world school coordinator. He champions the use of drama as a tool for facilitating language learning and recognizes the many benefits this type of creative language education can bring children across the world. In addition to the curriculum being used in schools in China, Edunion UK also host yearly drama camps and student exchange programs in the UK where students are able to put what they have learned through the curriculum into practice in an immersive English language environment alongside local students from the UK.


John Bayramian

Our honorable guest will be interviewed by John Bayramian. John has more than 33 years of international academic leadership and pedagogical/administrative experiences in various programs such as International Baccalaureate (IB), American, British, French Programs across USA, Europe and the Middle East
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2021.06.05 l Saturday l 11:00 Dubai Time @ 15:00 Beijing Time

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Jun 05 2021


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