Live Interview/Virtual PD: Why There is no Future in STEM?

Why There is no Future in STEM? 

 (Live Discussion/Virtual PD)

This interactive live discussion will feature the internationally acclaimed educator, education leader, STEM education expert, curriculum developer, workshop leader, and expert in 21st-century K-12 education, Mr. Scott A. Campbell (Founder and CEO of Sino Educational Exchange)

Webinar/Virtual PD Synopsis:

From STEM to STEAM and everything in-between. This in-depth live webinar will explore a 70-year journey in the evolution of the STEM educational framework and methodology…  and how various shortcomings in the ongoing development and execution of STEM curricula has led to a vast number of STEM derivatives over the years. Furthermore, the fragmentation of the STEM educational framework, and what that has meant to the educational sector will also be explored in depth.

So come and join us on this educational journey as we explore the very theory of knowledge as we deconstruct and challenge our own assumptions… as we evaluate and assess the very essence of our own beliefs… and then through an evidenced-based exploration, develop upon our own understandings of STEM education. Come to a better understanding of the driving forces that brought forth the STEM movement in the first place, and what the aims and objectives for the development of STEM programs and curricula were meant to achieve. And from those understandings, we can start to analyzing our own educational practices to assess and evaluate our own instruction to determine if we are truly upholding the essence… the very philosophy… the educational principles that STEM education was founded on.

Scott Campbell is a dreamer, and like most dreamers, he has grand ideas on how to make the world a better place. Recently he has founded an educational not-for-profit that aims to do just that. But this isn’t the first time Scott has taken on an ambitious undertaking though. Moving around a lot as a child Scott had attended many schools both at home and abroad, and at the age of 16 he returned to Canada after studying in Japan. Still in high school at the time, Scott started his own company, and by the age of 18 his company was already turning a profit and had been granted a Federal Tax ID. During this time Scott balanced his commercial contracts with the pursuit of a higher education and earned a total of 6 degrees from: Sheridan, St. Lawrence, Queens, Thompson Rivers University, and the University of Cumbria. While operating his company Scott also branched off into R&D – developing and patenting the world’s first 3D-RML technologies. Then in 2012 Scott sold his company so he could pursue his dream of becoming a teacher. Since then Scott has worked all over China and has helped a number of schools launch their own STEM programs. However, recently Scott has started shifting his attention back to the private sector – not for higher personal gain but for the pursuit of a higher purpose. His organization Sino-Exchange, although small, is now providing educators and students alike access to free educational resources. Why? So that anyone, regardless of their social or economic background, can have the opportunity to learn.




Our honorable guest will be interviewed by John Bayramian (Head of Education at Hua Quan Village). John has more than 33 years of international academic leadership and pedagogical/administrative experiences in various programs such as International Baccalaureate (IB), American, British, French Programs across USA, Europe and the Middle East. John conducted more than 700 international workshops for educators worldwide.


Date & Time : 2022.05.21 l Saturday l 14:00 Dubai Time – 18:00 Beijing Time

Venue: Via Zoom

Language : English

Admission : Free of Charge
A certificate of Attendance will be awarded

Duration: 1h45 minutes

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