Webinar – Live Discussion ( The Five Pillars of Differentiation ) with acclaimed International education experts ( Ms. Aleen Naseem and Mr. Fouad Sila )



The Five Pillars of Differentiation

(Live Discussion)


This interactive live discussion will feature Ms. Aleen Naseem and Mr. Fouad Sila, two international experts in 21st-century education.

They will explore the importance of the five pillars of differentiation by addressing the following topics (supported by real-life scenarios):

  • The misconceptions about differentiation
  • The crucial importance of differentiation in creating an effective and lasting 21st-century lifelong learning/ facilitating environment
  • The elements of the five pillars of differentiation
  • The correlation between the five pillars of differentiation and One Subject Called Knowledge (the zenith of horizontal integration), the multi-layered curriculum, real-life-based education, and STEAM education

Guest Speakers

Aleen Nassim

Aleen has more than 14 years of experience with American International Curriculum. She is a STEAM expert educator, lead teacher, coordinator, and the head of American curriculum at her school where she teaches and guides teachers for all grades.

Fouad Sila

Fouad co-founded an international American school in Abu Dhabi. He has more than 12 years working experience with American international Schools worldwide along with experience in STEAM education, real-life-based education, teaching ESL and EFL to students of various nationalities (grades 3 to 12), and leading many teachers (ESL, EFL, and ESS departments).


Date & Time

2021.10.30 l Saturday l 11:00 Dubai Time – 15:00 Beijing Time

Via Zoom


Free of Charge
Certificate of Attendance will be awarded

Duration: 1h30 minutes

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