Hua Quan Village has partnered with the local community to support ecotourism and local Jianxi culture. Residents open their homes and their farms to tourists looking to experience something new and authentic.


Chinese Medicinal Herbs

The temperate forests in the area are out of reach from urban pollution, they create a unique growing environment for rare Chinese medicinal herbs. Along with experts, visitors can explore the forest to search for, pick, and learn about these indigenous herbs.

Dinner with Local Families

Learn about Jiangxi food culture and try regional cuisine with local families in their homes.
Catch a glimpse of their everyday lives and prepare dinner together. This is both a rewarding
and intimate opportunity for guests looking to immerse themselves in the local culture.


Community Farming

Have you ever considered what it takes to be a farmer? Work with local farmers to learn about how they supply produce to the region.


Bamboo shoot harvesting

Winter bamboo shoots are buried underground and must be found and dug out unlike the spring bamboo shoots which reveal a small horn above the dirt.

Strawberry picking


Farmland preparation

Although machines are now used in the region, some farms have inaccessible lands and still use plows pulled by oxen.

Rice transplanting

Rice seedlings grown in a nursery are pulled and transplanted into puddled and leveled fields 15 to 40 days after seeding.

Spring bamboo shoot harvesting


Wild vegetable harvesting

Seasonal crops include eggplant, cabbage, red dates, and pumpkin.

Chinese bayberry picking

Ai fruit / Qingming fruit making

This Chinese dish is made from mugwort leaf and glutinous rice and shaped into rice or dumplings. The regional specialty is eaten both at the Qingming Festival (tomb sweeping day) and at the end of the Dragon Boat Festival.

Gardenia flower picking

It is a common Chinese tradition to harvest the Gardenia flowers before the annual Dragon Boat Festival and to use the flowers for various dishes.

Dendobrium flower picking

Dendobrium flowers are versatile and used by the local community to make salads, juice, tea, soaps, and even Chinese medicinal mixes.

Zonzi making

A food staple for the Dragon Boat Festival, zonzi is a dish of glutinous rice containing various meats and vegetables wrapped in a triangular tea leaf. Learn the proper methods for making this dish from locals and help them prepare for the festival!


Lotus seed picking-shoot harvesting

The lotus seeds are typically harvested before they are mature, which gives them a sweet taste. These seeds are found in countless supplements throughout China due to their health benefits.

Grapefruit picking
Rice harvesting

Many villages in China still harvest rice manually with a sickle. The rice is bundled into sheaves and then threshed by cutting the top inch or so of the stalks with a knife and removing the grains by slapping the stalks over propped up boards.


Chestnut picking

Dendobrium grass harvesting

The grass is not only used as an ornamental plant, but additionally has high medicinal value.

Pomelo picking

Sugar cane harvesting

Late rice harvesting


Pueraria harvesting

Pueraria powder is a precious ingredient in Chinese medicine and typically used in teas and soups.


Community Service
Afterschool Painting

Collaborate with local students to paint a final piece together. Hua Quan Village provides the neighboring schools and students with an opportunity to come to the village to take art classes, guests can take classes with these students and help them finish their pieces.