An innovative idea; a beautiful inspiration, “The Miracle” comprises of the creative artwork of muralists from around the world to form 100 murals along the walls of Hua Quan Village. Artists were asked to depict what a miracle means to them. Find a mural that resonates with your idea of one of life’s miracles, taking time to appreciate and value even the smallest things in life.

Take a moment to listen to your heart’s call. At Hua Quan Village we believe that this single moment of resonance will have a deep and long-lasting impact. When we experience this total transformation of the heart, then we can come together as family and friends to make this world a better place.


Observe the journey of an idea to a work of art


Discover the masterpieces of artists from around the world

International artists


Moriviví Puerto Rico


Wild Drawing Bali, Indonesia


Tania Rapoport Argentina

Local artists

We would like to thank our friends Dr. Karl Schutz, Founder of the Global Mural Association (GMA), and talented artist Steffen Juenemann for their tremendous help and support in making this project possible.