Our dining options feature a variety of options from Chinese and western cuisine to streets eats with unique local flair. All dishes are made using farm-to-table, premium ingredients and are the creation of chefs that have worked at Michelin Starred restaurants in Shanghai. It is the mission of our team of outstanding chefs to create unique, unforgettable culinary experiences for all of our guests, to offer exclusive access to the freshest ingredients, and to provide the best flavors and cuisine in Jiangxi.


Baoyuan Restaurant

Elevated Chinese cuisine and local specialties using the freshest ingredients and most enticing flavors in Jiangxi.

Huajia Street Food

Hua Quan brings Chinese street food to you! Try exotic Chinese and Taiwanese xiaochi, or “small eats”.

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A.L. Café

Your choice of popular Western dishes to satisfy the entire group.


Yunhe Bar

Unwind at Yunhe Bar’s roomy interior and exotic atmosphere. Choose from classic cocktails, a variety of liquor, or from an international selection of beer and wine.