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In order to reach the student’s mind, you need to pass through their heart.

Differentiated and Personalized Instructional Strategies “In order to reach the student’s mind, you need to pass through their heart.” The most effective schools believe in and implement differentiated and personalized instructional strategies with a student-centered learning and teaching environment. In this model,  the teacher facilitates and guides the students’ quest for knowledge and acquisition of skills […]

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Co/Extra-Curricular Activities: A Crucial Layer in the Facilitating/Learning Curricula & Environment

In any challenging 21st century academic environment, the co/extra–curricular clubs and activities are more than crucial because of their complementary and differentiated/personalized nature and their integration with the curricula and learning objectives, in and outside the classroom. The Majority of schools worldwide strive to build and generate a co/extra-curricular layer of Education fully integrated within […]

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Facilitating Knowledge and Skills to Our Students Without Barriers

What matters is not what we teach; it’s what they learn, and the probability of real learning is far higher when the students have a lot to say about both the content and the process. – Alfie Kohn Nowadays, most schools’ missions, visions, values, and guiding statements converge to a student-centered learning and teaching environment […]

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