The Multi-Layered Curriculum Pedagogical Approach

December 8, 2020

One of the main pillars of any school’s objectives should include fostering and nurturing the 21st century learner and leader within a C.C. (Curriculum-Classroom) differentiated environment to best prepare students for success outside of the classroom. This environment should be guided by The Pedagogical Approach: One Subject Called Knowledge. Today, an overt curriculum covers only a small portion of the learning and facilitating environment and neglects the other key areas found in the multi-layered curricular approach:

  • Extra/Co-Curricular Activities
  • School’s Mission and Vision
  • STEAMS Education
  • IT as a Crucial Layer in Education
  • Differentiation
  • Student’s Learner Profile
  • Community Service
  • International Mindedness
  • School-Parent Mutual Partnerships
  • Environmental Awareness
  • International Mindedness
  • Country’s Ministry of Education Strategic Education Related Goals and Strategies.


Today, standards cannot form the leading indicators to ensure that the students attain their learning outcomes. By implementing the multi-layered curricular approach, it is possible to create a personalized level of education that includes a differentiated learning and facilitating environment and a differentiated curriculum that reaches it required benchmarks necessary to properly prepare the students to succeed beyond just the classroom.

Today, students need a Passionate, Relevant, and Attitude Approach by their facilitators (not teachers), to break all the remaining virtual walls between them and the students. These walls prevent them from becoming genuine global minded and culturally diverse leaders of the challenging 21st Century.

Today, facilitators cannot prepare their directorial resources (yearly plans, unit plans, weekly plans) based just on an overt curriculum that does not tackle the most critical areas of learning and does not create a facilitating environment.

The Multi-Layered differentiated and personalized curriculum will play a significant role in helping the students surpass educational benchmarks and become future leaders. The Multi-Layered Curricular model represents the essential directorial resource that must replace and or reinforce the standard directorial resources as the Yearly – Plan. At the same time, it represents the primary foundation for facilitators to prepare their unit and weekly plans within their collaborative planning meetings.

The two matrices below summarize this active, progressive, and differentiated approach of the curricular approach:



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