A remarkable cultural experience awaits you at Hua Quan Village. Located in the heart of Jiangxi province in Eastern China, Hua Quan Village is nestled into the countryside near Longhu Mountain, known to be the cradle of Taoism and one of China’s most remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Immerse your creative self in art and culture. With over 50 acres to call home, this thriving art village includes museums, open studios, and one of the largest collections of outdoor murals in the world. Discover the artist in you through classes in painting, ceramics, calligraphy, and more. Hua Quan Village has created an educational center equipped with 21 studios and a wellness and culture park. We offer experiences such as the ancient practices of yoga, tai chi, meditation, qigong, and acupuncture.

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Mural Project

What does a miracle look like to you? This thought-provoking question was asked to visiting international artists, their vibrant depictions of miracles can be seen today upon the walls of Hua Quan Village at one of the largest mural exhibits in the world consisting of close to 100 stunning works.

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Art Museums & Galleries

Explore Chinese culture through the ages at Hua Quan Village where history is presented through art. Contemporary artists are nurtured at Hua Quan Village where they partake in residency programs and share their various forms of creative expression with visitors from around the world at open studios, workshops, and classes. Get to know the village’s resident professional artists from China and abroad.

In the spring of 2020 meet Candelaria Palacios Garin & Fernanda Gonzalez, featured artist-in-residence at Hua Quan Village,to experience their artistic charm.

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites,Local Culture and Nature

Reconnect with nature. Ask about the variety of excursions and day trips available at nearby Mount Longhu, one of China’s most remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Mount Longhu is known to be the birthplace of Taoism, nestled within the cliffside are ancient burials, archaeological sites, and temples. Explore the Luxi river by bamboo raft, or take a thrilling trek along the Danxia rock formations in the fresh mountain air. Take your pick of a wide variety of satisfying outdoor activities.

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Reconnect with nature and
broaden your horizons



Ancient practices that continue today such as Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Qong, and yoga are offered at the education center. Novices and experts are welcome!

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China’s ancient history sparks intrigue and fascination. Over 5,000 years of culture, religion, and art. The museums at Hua Quan Village highlight China’s contributions to the world.

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Authentic Local Experiences

Hua Quan has partnered with the surrounding community to offer unique outings such as indigenous wild herb picking, fruit and vegetable picking, farming, and cooking and dining in the homes of nearby villagers. These are excellent opportunities for creating long-lasting family memories and getting a glimpse into a different way of life.

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Hua Quan Village strives to be a center for cultural and artistic exchange. Here, the arts are both taught and practiced by professionals; painting, calligraphy, photography, drawing, and other forms are introduced to you personally by resident artists.

Open your creative mind to the ancient teachings and experience the authentic.

Art classes Wellness & Culture classes

Delight your senses at one of our world class restaurants featuring chefs hailing from Michelin-starred restaurants in Shanghai. Using only the finest, freshest ingredients, the restaurants at Hua Quan Village have something for everyone.
Taste the essence of Chinese cuisine at Baoyan Chinese Restaurant, or Western favorites at A.L. Café. Curious about Asian street food? Try Hua Jia Street Food where you’ll find Taiwanese Beef Noodles and traditional Chinese Claypot Rice. Relax and unwind at Yunhe Bar.

Delight your senses and try regional dishes at one of our gourmet restaurants



The boutique hotel has been carefully designed by renowned music artist Liu Jiachang. It combines the romantic European Baroque architecture with the ancient oriental charm and is committed to providing the highest quality services to the guests.

The village also offers premium villas as well as hotel-style apartments to offer elegant, comfortable and affordable accommodation for groups such as spring, summer, autumn and winter camps, study tours or resident artists.

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