An International Extracurricular & Co-curricular Haven for Students

Mission and Vision

In a world where societies are increasingly driven by material pursuits, Hua Quan Village hopes to reconnect its guests with nature and the creative, inner self. Acting as a center for Chinese-global cultural exchange, Hua Quan Village focuses on art, culture, nature, and wellness education and activities to provide each individual a personalized path of self-exploration. The village strives to balance Eastern and Western philosophies and is predicated on the belief that only through open communication and the understanding of different cultures can people be brought together and harmony achieved.

A Community of Artists

Hua Quan Village provides a comprehensive education center for students to become engaged in critical and positive thinking. Tailored course work with internationally acclaimed facilitators and artists is available to students as well as access to a large variety of art galleries and museums, cultural exhibits and outdoor murals to draw inspiration from. The resulting experience is a harmonious blend of innovation, culture, and a sense of community.

Focused Learning with International Mindedness

By aligning with different local and worldwide curricular frameworks enriched with the latest pedagogical approaches, students gain the traits needed to overcome 21st century challenges.

Appropriate curricular strands assist schools in preparing global leaders with a strong sense of cultural and artistic awareness and inquisitive learning skills. We offer student-centered classrooms and inquiry-based and project-based learning and facilitating with fully equipped indoor and outdoor labs to encourage practical learning and artistic exploration.

More than 24 clubs offer a variety of extra/co-curricular activities with defined learning outcomes integrated with Chinese culture. Students experience first hand the aspects of rural Chinese living and participate in local community service efforts and team-building.

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A Place for Ideas to Grow

Establishing and reinforcing a STEAMS facilitating and learning environment within our extra/co-curricular activities and projects enhances the objectives of the Hua Quan Village Education Center.

Large annual gatherings bring artists, facilitators, and creative minds together to share ideas and achievements such as yearly education summits, student festivals, sustainability marathons and much more. Find out what annual celebrations take place here.


Choose from one Hua Quan Village’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, or 14 day packages, or customize a package based on your school’s extra/co-curricular needs and class duration preferences.

Different curricular frameworks serving all types of curricula (European, American, British, Chinese, International, etc.) are available to educational groups.

Please refer the Commercial Brochure at the bottom of the page for our 6-day sample itinerary.

Food and Accommodations

Spacious, fully equipped rooms designed for comfort and relaxation await. Follow this link to find out more. Exquisite International and Chinese cuisine is featured for all tastes and preferences, explore our dining options. Explore our dining options here.

Incredible Jiangxi

Hua Quan Village is near Longhu Mountain. It is part of the remarkable China Danxia landforms, preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its tremendous cultural legacy as being the birthplace of Taoism. There are many exciting attractions in the area.

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Our Creative and Innovative Learner Profile and Pedagogical Model

The facilitators at Hua Quan Village work to nurture the following traits in all visiting students:

  • Independent Learner
  • Critical and Positive Thinker
  • Inspired and Communicative Inquirer
  • Innovative Problem Solver
  • Focused and Confident Mindset
  • Self-explorer
  • International Minded Citizen
  • Environmental and Cultural Harmony Philanthropist
  • Team Spirit Driven Character
  • 21st Century Innovative Leader
  • Wellness and Health Promoter
  • Creative and Knowledgeable Artist
  • Nature-loving Adventurer

The following model is the pedagogical model that the village adheres to in order to achieve the most impactful educational results:

Wellness & Culture Park

The unique conditions of Hua Quan Village’s surroundings provide an environment of high quality air and lush plant life, which is perfect for those who love nature and the outdoors. Under the guidance of our experts, focus on select activities focused on your specific health needs. Rejuvenate your body and mind by exploring the village’s outdoor activities, visiting the different art exhibits, taking various classes, and eating natural foods.

International Art and Culture Education Center

There are over 21 classrooms in Hua Quan Village’s art and cultural center. Visitors can explore their passions and interests through a full range of classes taught by the premier artists and facilitators that currently reside in the village. A diverse experiential program, the classes are designed to incorporate theoretical knowledge with practical and applicable hands on approaches. The instructors teach students of all levels and can customize any course to the level and interests of the students as well as the class duration.

Certifications & Awards

Research and Education Practical Center

Yingtan City Education Bureau

Cross-Strait Exchange Center

Between Taiwan and Yingtan City
Taiwan Work Office of the CPC Yingtan Municipal Committee

Chinese Education Center

Jiangxi province Foreign Affairs Office

Yingtan City Patriotism Education Center

The People's Government of Yingtan City, CPC

Advanced Enterprise Award

The People's Government of Yingtan City, CPC

Ms .Susan Wang

Outstanding Contributor for Exchanges and Cooperation between Jiangxi and Taiwan
Taiwan Work Office of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee , Taiwan Affairs Office of the People's Government of Jiangxi Province

Off-campus Training Site

Jiangxi Teachers College

Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Incubation Center

Jangxi Teachers College

Art Education Practical Center

Nanjing University of the Arts

Art Education and Sketching Center

Nanjing University of the Arts

Art Education Practical Center

Sanjiang University

Medical Beauty Happiness President Class Off-campus Training Site

Xinhua College of Sun Yet-Sen University

Jiangxi Tourism Towns

Tourist Attractions Quality Evaluation Committee of Jiangxi Province

Commercial Brochure & 6-day Sample Itinerary


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