Hatha Yoga Club

A Great Source of Knowledge and Skills

Students will be introduced to Hatha yoga as the simple practice of ancient postures to improve one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state. Students will recognize and discover a series of asanas (poses that correct the body’s posture and muscle movement), pranayama techniques (breathing exercises), and meditation exercises to help unify the body and mind.

Tai Chi Club

Relaxing and Inner Peace

Students will identify, illustrate, manipulate and practice Tai Chi. The graceful and ancient Chinese form of exercise includes defense training and techniques such as breathing methods that can enhance physical health and reduce stress. Students will explore Tai Chi theory and techniques within the appropriate environment of the mountains and forests nearby that is the perfect location to practice and to find inner peace.

Artistic Painting Club

Create an Artistic Souvenir - Contributing with Art - Community Service

Students can draw inspiration from their life experiences to create an original piece of art. They will analyze how the attributes of art and design may evoke different viewer responses. New skills will be introduced including brainstorming, preliminary sketching, planning, and reflecting to generate ideas. Students will manipulate and explore a variety of compositional techniques, including perspective, to create the illusion of a 3-D space within a specific plane. By discovering fundamental acrylic painting techniques and using each step of the art-making process, students will have gained the necessary skills to create their own acrylic artwork.

Furthermore, students will participate in cultural exchange while collaborating with local students to create a final art piece or mural together. Neighboring schools will come to the village to participate in art classes. Visiting students will help guide the local students to finish their art creations.

Knowledge / Adventure Club

Rally Paper - Treasure Hunt

In groups of 4, students will discover Shangqing, an ancient town rooted in Taoist culture containing many historical sites and unique architecture. Students will complete a knowledge / exploration-based rally and treasure hunt along the 2- kilometer main street visiting various attractions such as Shangqing Temple, Liuhoujia Temple, Tianshifu, and Dashangqing Palace. Awards and prizes will be presented to the victors upon completion.

Shangqing Palace: After several generations of renovations and expansions,
Shangqing Palace is now one of the largest Taoist temples in China. Originally
constructed during the Eastern Han Dynasty, legend tells us that this is the magical place where Taoist Celestial Master Zhang Daoling made pills of immortality and where the gods received their official ranks. The structure shows the unique style and architecture of Taoist temples, which is especially apparent in the roofs and doors of the buildings.

Sketching Club

Create Your Own Sketch

Students will develop geometry skills and enhance their visual memory using sketching techniques and creative activities for their own sketches. Furthermore, students will identify and manipulate sketching basics, techniques for creating simple scenery and portrait pieces, and progress to developing and manipulating perspective, proportion, and shading. Upon completion, students will admire and analyze the traits of their artwork.

Chinese Culture Club

Discover the Wonders of Chinese Culture

Students will recognize and interpret the pillars of Chinese ethics and moral cultural aspects. Furthermore, they will discover the virtues and positive influences that Chinese Culture has contributed to civilizations worldwide for thousands of years. Finally, students will illustrate their acquired knowledge by finalizing an iMovie project.

Film Club

The Secrets of Filmmaking - Create Your Own Artistic Movie Using Reverse Engineering Techniques

Students will identify and acquire new film making and editing skills using reverse engineering techniques within a STEAMS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths, Social Science and Social Studies) environment. They will study the basic attributes and genres of movies by analyzing different scenes from internationally acclaimed films. They will apply their newfound knowledge and prepare the appropriate scenery to their film related STEAMS Projects using DSLR cameras, MacBook Pro, and related software (iMovie, Final Cut Pro).

Climbing / Hiking Club

River Rafting Along the Luxi River - Hiking and Climbing Extravaganza

Students can traverse Longhu Mountain while hiking trails with panoramic views around Hua Quan Village. They will view the stunning rock formations as well as the ~200 coffins dating back 2,600 years lodged into the cliff faces of Longhu Mountain while navigating the Luxi River with the help of expert river guides. The tombs are an archeological museum and thus have attained worldwide fame. Students can enjoy sightseeing while gaining the confidence of trekking outdoors in nature.


The Wonders of Science, Technology, and Arts

Students will invent and design a STEAMS project using their innovative scientific and artistic knowledge, along with their technological and creative skills. Aspects of science, art, technology, culture, and math may be used to enhance their projects.

Tao Te Ching Club

The Way to Integrity

Students will identify and understand the history and great wisdom of the Tao Te Ching by studying the classic stories and aspects of Taoist culture.

Farming Club

Hands-On Farming Skills - Preparing and Enjoying Dinner with Local Farmers

Students will have the opportunity for hands-on work in local farms picking pomelos, strawberries, chestnuts, and lotus seeds (based on seasonal availability). Students will identify and explore the process of rice transplanting, and harvesting lotus shoots, bamboo shoots, dendrobium grass, pueraria, sugarcane, and rice.



Porcelain Craftsmanship Club

Create Your Own Porcelain/Ceramic Piece

Students will acquire basic ceramics skills revolving around throwing pottery, using a wheel, and hand sculpting. Students will recognize and illustrate the intricate pottery making process and explore the history of ceramic art invented in China two millennia ago. Students will recognize their related STEAMS project milestones and practical steps by creating their own innovative porcelain marvels.

Photography Club

The Magic of a Natural Photographer

Students will embark on a journey to capture the sights and images of everyday life that often go unnoticed and underappreciated. They will identify and apply photography techniques such as controlling light and shadow, manipulating form and color, editing images, and using the technical attributes of DSLR cameras and its related apparatus. Furthermore, they will explore unique artistic judgment and creative expression by capturing unforgettable moments. Students will have the opportunity to put their acquired skills into practice while simultaneously broadening their photography portfolio. Upon completion of this innovative session, students will admire their own and their classmates’ photos.

Calligraphy Arts and Chinese Painting Club

Calligraphy and Chinese Painting As An Art Form

Students will explore the ancient art form of Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting. By learning to manipulate calligraphy tools and materials, using brush techniques, and proper character composition, students will create exquisite works of calligraphy art and discover the beauty and traditions of Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting. Additionally, they will identify and apply the techniques of a unique style of painting that originated from the Han Dynasty. It mainly refers to scroll paintings painted on enamel or rice paper using ink and water. The topics painted are typically characters, landscapes, flowers, and birds. Completed works will be on display in a student exhibit.

Perfumes and Scents Creation Club

Traditional Chinese Perfumes and Fragrances

Experts share the magic of making scented sachets, as well as its social and cultural implications. Students will manipulate and acquire the traditional skills required to make Qingyang scented sachets as in ancient Chinese folk tradition. Moreover, students will distinguish aesthetic concepts and social customs of the older Chinese generation.

Dumpling and Pastry Making Club

Discover the Secrets of Dumpling and Pastry Making

Chinese food culture has a long history with dumplings dating back to the Han Dynasty 1,800 years ago. Students will be guided by a Chinese chef to explore, compare, and understand the relationship between traditional food and Chinese culture. Students will acquire the skills to make delicious dumplings and Chinese pastries in this course.

Sand Bottle Craftsmanship & Sand Painting Club

Expand Your Artistic Horizons with Sand Art

Experience the calming practice of sand bottle art. Students will practice sand bottle art coloring methods and processes to fill colored sand into glass bottles of various shapes and sizes. Additionally, students will manipulate sand bottle crafts, pattern making, color schemes, and sand portraits to create a colorful sand bottle creation. On top of bottle making, students will explore and manipulate the different skills needed to construct and animate sand painting pieces.

Clay Sculpture Club

Explore the Magic Clay

Students will recognize and analyze the history and approach to sculpture, which is one of the first forms of art created by humans. They will identify, study, and define clay’s characteristics and properties as a malleable material of expression related to nature and nobility. Students will discover and practice with different tools and materials to explore and interpret the basic concepts of clay sculpture as a significant form of artistic expression. This exploratory journey will be conducted by creating one or more three-dimensional clay artworks and exploring different aspects of dimension: volume, shape, and space.

Chinese Medicine Club

The Five Elements of Health - Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Students will examine, differentiate, manipulate, compare, and distinguish the different pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the related theoretical aspects. They will explore, tabulate and appraise TCM’s development history and recognize important historical doctors. Students will examine the Yin Yang theory which is considered to be the soul of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They will examine and discover the famous Five Elements of Health Theory, Qi and blood theory, Meridian System Theory, and Yun Qi theory. They will also identify and explore the four primary diagnostic methods: inspection, auscultation and olfaction, interrogation, and palpation, along with the necessary measures of TCM treatment. Furthermore, students will explore and experience the hands-on harvesting of Chinese medicine and learn about medicine cultivation by conducting a medical journey of picking Chinese medicines and appraising them. This vital task enables students to experiment, identify, analyze, and distinguish the sources and benefits of different Chinese medicines.

Sustainability / Environment Club

Save The Planet - Reinforcing Sustainability

Students will explore practices to reinforce their sustainability knowledge in order to strive toward a better future together. They will learn what they can do to make a long-term difference in the lives of their community and planet. Students will be introduced to a “green” culture and learn about new eco-friendly solutions that can help the environment. They will participate in inquiry-based learning and STEAMS projects that focus on developing their environmental awareness (as well as their environmental philanthropist learner traits) such as planting trees while fostering community partnerships. Furthermore, students will explore and tackle Global Warming Issues / Solutions, Water Conservation Techniques, Waste Management Methods, The 7 Rs, and The Green Sustainable Process. Students will perform different community service-related tasks helping the village and the local community to become more sustainable.

Positive Thinking Club

Overcoming all Challenges Via Positive Thinking

Through positive thinking and kindness, any challenge can be overcome. Students will discover techniques to apply the concept of positive thinking through meditation, to practice loving-kindness toward one’s self and to others, to be aware and appreciate even the smallest things, to spread positivity, and to use positive affirmations.

Latin Crafts Club

The Wonders of Latin Dance

Students will define, describe, apply, and illustrate the different correct postures and techniques of different Latin dances such as the rumba and the cha-cha-cha. After acquiring the postures and interpreting the steps of these various styles, they will experience the fun of performing these dynamic and lively dances. Students will also recognize, distinguish, acquire, demonstrate, and construct diverse and assorted skills needed to apply the different steps within a fun illusion approach.

The Tea Club

The Tea Ceremony

Students will explore and perform the famous and unique Chinese tea brewing process by creating their own mixture of tea, and identify the secrets and aspects of the tea ceremony, which is a significant aspect of Chinese culture and traditions.

Fishing Club

Fishing Contest

Students will gain an understanding of basic fishing skills and how to use fishing gear. They will have the opportunity to practice their hand at fishing at one of the ponds within Hua Quan Village leading up to a friendly fishing contest.