Statement of Philosophy

Hua Quan Village’s International Art and Culture Education Center believes in providing a natural and sustainable habitat for education focused on art, creativity, innovation, cultural harmony (with a focus on Chinese culture), environmental sustainability, and international mindedness.

The village provides diverse extra/co-curricular activities and courses that align with the different local and global curricular standards enriched with the latest pedagogical approaches to nurture the students’ traits needed to overcome 21st century challenges.

Hua Quan Village’s International Art and Culture Education Center aims to achieve the following:

  • Provide students with quality educational experiences which will enrich their lives and build the foundations for them to become productive, successful global citizens and powerful leaders.
  • Develop the students’ curiosity and inquisitive nature, cultural awareness, and outdoor spirit through outdoor activities and club programs.
  • Encourage positive thinking, critical thinking, and problem solving through the one subject called “Knowledge” approach.
  • Develop in students a personalized path of self-exploration in contrast to material pursuits.
  • Remain a hub for Chinese-Global Cultural Exchange and international mindedness.
  • Encourage customized educational partnership with schools, universities, educational/arts/cultural organizations and other entities, in order to accomplish and promote the sacred mission of education.
  • Provide a safe and caring learning environment favorable to the development of positive self-image and respect for oneself and others.
  • Promote awareness of and respect for the environment and encourage activism and responsiveness to local and global environmental concerns.
  • Provide professional development for the staff, thereby contributing to the continuous improvement of the quality of education offered by the center.
  • Enable all students to become successful, independent learners capable of reaching their full potential.
  • Offer support and care for students with learning difficulties or challenges with an all-inclusive approach.
  • Instill in students respect for their own and other cultures in order to promote tolerance, harmony, and understanding by always keeping a balance between Eastern and Western Philosophies.
  • Foster a spirit of camaraderie and equality without distinction of any kind based on race, gender, color, language, religion, ethnic group, social or national origin, or socioeconomic status.
  • Offer and encourage students to participate in a variety of enriching and stimulating extra/co-curricular activities which represent one of the essential layers of our multi–layered curriculum.
  • Understand the students’ different emotions, needs, and interests in order to ultimately reach their minds through their hearts.
  • Inspire students to create a better and more peaceful and sustainable tomorrow through leadership by collaborating with their peers and team spirit.
  • Establish and reinforce the STEAMS facilitating and learning environment within all the extra/co-curricular activities and projects.
  • Provide different frameworks serving all types of curricula ( European, British, American, Chinese, etc. )