Hua Quan Village began as a splendid idea by legendary Chinese music artist and film director Liu Jia Chang. He envisioned international and local artists, extensive galleries, and museums paying homage to the birthplace of Taoism and the beauty and energy of the area; a place where creative minds come together from around the world. Within ten years, Hua Quan Art Village became the thriving artistic community that it is today where the community can share creativity and inspire one another.


Mr. Liu collaborated with philanthropist and Chinese petrochemical executive Susan Wang to make this dream a reality. Together, they expanded on his original idea and transformed Hua Quan into something far greater: a comprehensive educational center and a home for resident artists. They expanded programs and opportunities for learning art and traditional Chinese practices. Hua Quan Village today combines education, art, and wellness with lodging and restaurants to provide a tranquil retreat for those seeking an authentic experience.


We invite you to join our village and unplug
from daily life. Get outdoors to focus on the now.